Validation before I've even launched

(A rare free issue of Andy's Paid Newsletter)

I finally signed up to last night

I’m pretty impressed so far!

  • It’s ridiculously cheap at $19 per *year* for 10 one page sites.

  • It has lots of nice templates to help us start quickly.

  • I quickly knocked up a simple LP for a free email course (see below). It’s linked to ConvertKit, but currently not adding people there when I test signing up.

Screenshot of the Carrd landing page (desktop):

Screenshot of the Carrd landing page (mobile):

WHY I’m doing this

I’m hoping to kill a few birds with one stone:

1) Help people

  • People often ask me how to get their first client. This has been happening for years in the, Facebook groups, and a little bit on Twitter now.

  • Being asked questions is a great sign of a “validated need”.

  • It’s also a sign some people already believe I can help them.

2) Save time

  • I’ve written a lot on this over the years. It’s strewn across various forum threads and YouTube videos.

  • In future I’d like to point people to a resource in future that leads them through actionable steps to get their first client. This will save me from doing it one-to-one via DM, email, or calls.

3) Figure out email marketing and ConvertKit

  • I know myself - I learn best when I have the end goal of helping someone.

4) Figure out Carrd

  • If I can create landing pages myself then it will reduce the time to launch of my many projects.

  • It will free up my developer to work on client issues and on our budding SaaS offering.

Market Validation

As I’m typing this I got an alert on Twitter.

There’s nothing like someone waiting for you to launch to get you motivated (there’s a lesson in there!).